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This year-round, the thirtieth edition of the Days of European Film competition once again offers films that do not appear in regular distribution. Thanks to this, we can form a picture of contemporary European cinema. At the same time, these images can resonate in the viewer's mind even after a long time and open up the surrounding world in new perspectives.

This year, in a separate section, the German director Fatih Akin will also present the cinematography of the Benelux countries. Debuts participate in the main competition; musical films also have their competition section. Dramaturgy has included a focus on a selected European region and a retrospective of a leading figure in European cinema.

I am pleased that the Ministry of Culture is giving this show its long-term significant financial support. Even in its jubilee year, I wish the festival satisfied audiences and inspired April days with European film!

Martin Baxa

Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic

Dear fans of quality European films,

the time has come again to see the best cinematography of our European neighbors, and I am glad that the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic can be part of the 30th-anniversary edition of the Days of European Film festival.

The representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic is a proud and long-term partner of this unique festival, whose popularity is increasing yearly, which makes me very happy.

Europe and the world are currently moving through several themes reflected in cinematography and encourage us to think more deeply and critically. One of them is undoubtedly the Russian-instigated war in Ukraine and the spreading threat of disinformation. This inspired us to select films for the "To the point" festival section protected by the Representation of the European Commission. The films in our selection directly show the very creation of disinformation and the fight against dictatorships built on the active spread of lies.

The European Union has been fighting disinformation for a long time, and one of the main reasons is that it can have a negative impact on democracy and society as a whole. When citizens are exposed to false information, they may make decisions based on faulty assumptions and may be more susceptible to manipulation. Refuting so-called "fake news" was enough ten years ago, but today we face a global disinformation ecosystem. The disinformation scene changed mainly after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

Without media literacy, media education, and the strengthening of critical thinking, neither European nor national legal regulation can do much. Therefore, within the framework of the festival, we focus on this difficult topic not only on the screen but also in the discussion after the film January and as part of the accompanying project for schools.

I wish you, the audience, a fulfilling and unlimited supply of hope during the entire festival. I thank the organizers for the rich program and wish them unceasing enthusiasm for the following years.

Monika Ladmanová

head of the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic

Dear friends of European filmmaking,

I greatly appreciate that Prague, as one of the cultural capitals of Europe, offers its residents and visitors an abundance of high-quality cultural experiences of many genres. The Days of European Film festival also has its place here, offering viewers less promoted but all the more interesting European films that would otherwise not have found their way to Czech cinemas. In addition, thanks to the presentation of almost 50 films from 30 European countries, the event gives us a more comprehensive insight into current film production on our continent, and we thus have the opportunity to compare those films. I am therefore glad that Prague can once again be one of the host cities of the festival.

On the occasion of this year's 30th anniversary, allow me to wish the festival and its organizers much success this year and in the future, and may the audience always leave the cinemas satisfied.

doc. MUDr. Bohuslav Svoboda, CSc.

the mayor of the city of Prague

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I am happy to be able to welcome you again to the festival that will transport us to film Europe. This year will be the 30th anniversary year. During that time, European Film Days became integral to Brno's cultural offer. We have a few days ahead of us when we will forget about everyday worries and immerse ourselves in the many colorful worlds of leading European filmmakers.

The creation of the old continent has always been characterized by topicality, sharing feelings and opinions, or an original approach to burning topics. I believe that the same awaits us this year as well. Debates with the creators will undoubtedly enhance your impressions. And, what is perhaps most interesting for the people of Brno, as part of the Earth Day celebrations, part of the program will be transferred to the local observatory and planetarium for the first time. We can look forward to one of our time's most discussed and important topics, namely ecology and man's influence on the planet.

Whether looking for intelligent entertainment, education, or a good time with friends at European Film Days, I wish you all a pleasant experience.

Markéta Vaňková

the mayor of the city of Brno

Dear fans of quality and stimulating cinematography,

for the thirtieth time, cinemas are opening in the Czech Republic to introduce their visitors to the interesting and truly dozens of productions of European filmmakers. In short, the Days of European Film begin, over which the statutory city of Ostrava proudly took over the auspices. The Moravian-Silesian metropolis is also one of the partners of this film show.

Europe is a place of many diverse states and peoples with their characteristic and different temperaments, cultures, differences, but also similarities and affinities. It is precisely this fact that gives the Days of European Film a fresh variety of genres, themes and filmmaking approaches every time. The result is always "pleasing to the eye of the beholder", just like the well-known Europa Regina, an early modern allegory of Europe as a beautiful woman by Sebastian Münster.

I am convinced that viewers in Minikina cafe, Etáž and Planetárium Ostrava will take away strong impressions from the unusual film experiences. Whether they watch a German gangster biopic, a Finnish documentary discussing the karaoke phenomenon, a British film about the conquest of the moon or any other festival film. There will definitely be plenty to choose from!

Ing. Tomáš Macura, MBA

the mayor of the city of Ostrava

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