Dear ladies and gentlemen,

before diving into the action of the first festival film, I would like to personally welcome you and greet you on behalf of the City of Brno at this unique show of European cinema. We are in for several days full of great cultural experiences that we shall long remember.

While the US movie industry, at least according to what some of the foremost directors are saying, is tending to stagnate and focus primarily on universally appealing films or adaptations of comic books, European filmmaking presents a broad stream of ideas, thoughts and genres. Looking at its evolution over the last decade, I have to say that it is constantly absorbing new inspiration, and is neither afraid to ask burning questions nor to look at classical topics afresh.

In addition to proven dramatic genres, this year’s festival will also offer those that have so far been less typical within the culture of the old continent, such as sci-fi, horror and virtual reality films. Your impressions will be enhanced by a discussion with the filmmakers or debates with foreign guests. Through their experience, the fourth wall will fall away to some extent and viewers will become co-authors of future films by expressing their opinions, as their view will certainly influence the thinking of directors, screenwriters and actors on future projects.

European film is one of many platforms that enables closer contacts and links between the countries of our continent. It gives the opportunity to enjoy European diversity and togetherness and helps people understand each other. And when you leave the dark cinema, somewhat stiff but enthusiastic, well-amused and enchanted, you will surely agree with me.

Let yourself be tempted and accept my invitation to this traditional event, which is, despite its 27th birthday, still more youthful and more original every year.

Markéta Vaňková

Mayor of the City of Brno


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