Lajka and her Pack

On Saturday, June 20th at 5:00 pm in Prague cinema Kino Pilotů Austrian-German film you can see Space Dogs – a film that transcends genres. The friendship of two dogs on the streets of Moscow today is interwoven with unseen archival footage of Soviet space research. We realize the sacrifices Laika and her companions made on the altar of science and progress. But the film goes further, as it mixes past with present, the universe with the earth, and life with death.

The film will be followed by a debate with the organization Hlas zvířat, which fights for animal rights, and if they are violated, these criminal disputes or other proceedings are conducted in the interest of rescuing animals and punishing perpetrators of their cruelty.

In June, an amendment to the Criminal Code written by this organization enters into force in the Czech Republic, which regulates insufficient legislation in the field of animal protection and tightens penalties for cruelty to animals and the operation of breeding facilities. This organization has made significant efforts to approve it. More about the special event Lajka and her Pack.


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