The Unpromised Land

  • Till drömmarnas land
  • Section: No Parents
  • Sweden
  • 2019 / 87 min
  • Director: Victor Lindgren
  • Cast: Andreea Petre, Elin Marklund
  • Romanian, Swedish and English with English and Czech subtitles

Contact: Bautafilm

Sabina, a Romanian girl, makes friends in her new Swedish home with Elin, a local girl. Through their friendship, they revolt against small-minded, fearful locals. But the summer has barely begun.

Siblings from Romania move to the Swedish countryside. The older brothers have a car service, but Sabina still has no work. The locals look down on the dark-skinned foreign girl. At the start of the summer, Sabina finds at least one friend – Elin, who has her own troubles, due to her father’s despair. This fragile story of friendship, fear and prejudice marks the debut of talented Swedish director Victor Lindgren.


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