Look Who’s Back

  • Er ist wieder da
  • Section: MEDIA – Ludicrous World
  • Germany
  • 2015 / 116 min
  • Director: David Wnendt
  • Cast: Oliver Masucci, Fabian Busch, Christoph Maria Herbst, Katja Riemann, Franziska Wulf
  • German with Czech subtitles

Contact: CinemArt

The Führer is back!

Almost seventy years after his infamous departure, Adolf Hitler awakes from a coma in present-day Berlin. He doesn’t like what he sees. The war ended in defeat, his political party no longer exists, and he misses his beloved Eva Braun. Hitler hardly recognizes “his” city. Berlin is full of foreigners, and some woman, Angela Merkel, rules Germany in his place. After overcoming his initial and totally understandable shock, Hitler quickly starts exploring the city and making contact with Berliners. He begins a new career in a world hitherto unknown to him thanks to television. Not as a leader of the nation, but as a comedian: people take Hitler to be a flawless impersonator of himself. Because his views have not changed, his performance is decidedly politically incorrect. Gradually, he becomes a TV star with his own show, and his public performances also gain a large audience thanks to the Internet. On his travels in Germany, he meets many people, some of whom are not put off by his views on the situation today. Rather to the contrary. The Führer begins to have ambitions beyond than being an entertaining critic. His ambitions have in fact always been much higher…

Awards: Bambi Awards 2016: Film – National. CIVIS Media Prize 2016: CIVIS European Cinema Prize for Integration.



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