TX Reverse VR

  • TX Reverse VR
  • Section: Fears and Dreams
  • Austria
  • 2019 / 5 min
  • Director: Virgil Widrich, Martin Reinhart
  • English version

Contact: Lemonade Films

What if the forces of imagination detached from the movie screen and entered the real world?

Director Martin Reinhart developed a technology in the 1990s called “tx-transform” that swaps the time T-axis in a film with a space X-axis. Each film frame takes up all the space – but only 1/24 of a second. In a tx-transformed film, on the other hand, one frame takes up a small portion of the space but remains there for the duration of the frame. In this way, tx-reverse offers an extraordinary experience in which the familiar order of space and time do not apply.

We invite you into virtual reality in accordance with hygienic measures.
By purchasing an entrance fee for one of the VR films, you buy a block of all three films screened at the same time.



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