The Commune

  • Kollektivet
  • Section: MEDIA – Ludicrous World
  • Denmark
  • 2016 / 112 min
  • Director: Thomas Vinterberg
  • Cast: Ulrich Thomsen, Trine Dyrholm, Julie Agnete Vang, Martha Sofie Wallstrøm Hansen
  • Danish with Czech subtitles

Contact: Film Europe

The Commune is a testament to the impending end of family, togetherness and even a whole epoch in Danish history. 

Thomas Vinterberg set his film The Commune in the mid-1970s, in an academic community in the upmarket Copenhagen suburbs. Erik (Ulrich Thomsen) and Anna (Trine Dyrholm), along with their daughter Freja (Martha Sofie Wallstrøm Hansen), begin to realize their dream of a real commune full of sharing and fun. But the idea of a loving and family community under the roof of Erik’s house begins to crumble when his mistress moves in. Will the ideal survive a clash with reality?




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