• Hellhole
  • Section: Fears and Dreams
  • Belgium, Netherlands
  • 2019 / 89 min
  • Director: Bas Devos
  • Cast: Willy Thomas, Alba Rohrwacher, Hamsa Belarbi, Lubna Azabal, Kristof Coenen
  • French, Dutch and Italian with English and Czech subtitles

Contact: Les Films du Losagne

Where happened to security? Where did alienation come from? An aesthetically impressive portrait of contemporary Brussels, fed by recent terrorist attacks.

Young Mehdi is trying to survive in the “jihadist centre of Europe”, namely Brussels. It’s shortly after the May 2016 terrorist attacks and Mehdi is starting to fear his countrymen. The doctor examining Mehdi is also afraid — but for his own son, who is fighting somewhere in the Middle East. Alba (the popular actress Alba Rohrwacher), a translator at the European institutions, is also frightened. In this slow, meditative and highly aestheticized film, the talented Bas Devos explores feelings of alienation in a place that should be your home.

Awards: Hong Kong IFF 2019: Best Director. La Roche-sur-Yon IFF 2019: Prix Nouvelles Vagues Acuitis.


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