Dear fans of European film,

cultural diversity is one of the most important elements of a European project in which the identity and tradition of a continent that knows no borders plays a major role. Diversity is exactly the magic ingredient that spices European cinema and attracts millions of viewers around the world.

Days of European Film offers us works, many of which have received awards at major national and international festivals. Some films have been supported by the European MEDIA program, which has been investing in the support of the European audiovisual sector since 1991, helping to present Europe’s unique cultural diversity. In the Czech Republic, approximately 100 projects are implemented each year thanks to the MEDIA program, which allocates an average of EUR 2 million among themselves. An example is one of the most striking films of recent years, the film Colored Bird by director Václav Marhoul. Thanks to the MEDIA program, Czech audiences can choose from a much wider selection in cinemas or film festivals. It is gratifying that the proportion of European films screened in Czech cinemas has almost tripled compared to 2010. It is my honor that the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic can also contribute to the development of European cinematography and be, for the 27th time, a partner of the Days of European Film.

I wish you a pleasant festival, which will be opened in the impressive Lucerna Palace, witnessing the glorious era of Czechoslovak film and the cultural wealth of the First Republic. After five days in Prague, the festival will move to Brno, Ostrava and within the festival echoes to six other cities.

Dana Kovaříková

Head of the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic


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