• DEF in pictures

    27. DEF is over. Thank you to everyone who came to the cinema and we look forward to seeing you again in a year! You can find the complete photo gallery in the PRESS section.

  • We continue in Echoes

    This year’s Prague and Ostrava part of the festival ends, but on Monday and Tuesday we still have a few screenings in Brno and in the echo cities. Hodonín, Boskovice and Červený Kostelec are looking forward to seeing you. Have fun!

  • Today we will go to Norway

    Tonight, 21. 6. 2020 at 6 PM in Big hall of cinema Světozor we will screen the Norwegian film Where man returns. After the screening the traveler and adventurer Ivo Petr (1956) will guide you through Norway through. Author of 12 guides to European mountains (including the Scandinavian Mountains), correspondent of many outdoor magazines, organizer of hundreds of expeditions to the mountains of five continents.  

  • Sonny Vargas and the golden age of plump burlesque

    A nostalgic tragicomedy about the American cabaret group New Burlesque’s tour of France, where romantic ideas clash with reality, is on the program of the Prague Cinema Kino Pilotů on Saturday, June 20. The French film Tour of Mathieu Amalric, which won the director’s award at the Cannes Film Festival ten years ago, will be screened from 7.30 pm. David N. Jahn alias Sonny Vargas from Prague Burlesque will arrive for a debate after the film.

  • Tonight online stream

    Tonight from 7 pm you can online stream at home the Slovenian – Italian film Stories from the Chestnut Woods. STREAM HERE! In a forgotten region on the Italian border, the leaves of mighty trees rustle. An old carpenter meets a young woman selling chestnuts, and for a moment he sees the future as vividly as his distant past. The Cinema European House continues online thanks to the Aerovod service, where you can watch a selected film on the specified date. The European Commission in the Czech Republic and the Office of the European Parliament support culture even in these unusual times and have decided to provide quality European films to viewers at home. Join the event on Facebook of the European House Cinema.

  • 27. DEF in full swing

    The opening film of this year’s festival was the ghost adventure of Extra Ordinary – a driving school instructor must tame the supernatural power that is spreading across the Irish countryside. Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman’s debut playfully breaks down all genre boundaries and leaves an unprecedented comedic trigger. The opening ceremony of the European Film Days on Tuesday in Prague’s Lucerna was attended in person by the Irish Ambassador Cliona Manahan, the new dramaturg of the festival, Šimon Šafránek, introduced himself. During the evening, the audience was again fresh and humorously performed by the moderator Lukáš Rumlena. The subsequent cocktail at the Residence of the Lord Mayor of Prague this year was in a non-alcoholic spirit. We look forward to seeing you at the cinema! Zahájení 27. DEF from Eurofilmfest on Vimeo.


    The opening film of the festival is a ghost adventure called Extra Ordinary where a female driving instructor must subdue a supernatural power expanding across rural Ireland. This debut by Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman playfully breaks down all genre boundaries, leaving behind an unprecedented comedic mess. This opening film collected awards at many genre-specific sci-fi festivals. The following awards were received: 2019 Sitges – the Catalan IFFF: Audience Award; 2019 Trieste Science+Fiction Festival: Audience Award, Web Critics Award, Nocturno Nuove Visioni Award, Méliès d’argent Award; 2019 Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival: Audience Award, Best Feature Film; 2019 Dublin Film Critics Circle Awards: Best Irish Film; 2019 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF): Jury Prize; 2019 Galway Film Fleadh: Best Irish Feature Film. Cliona Manahan, the Ambassador of Ireland to the Czech Republic, will personally attend the ceremonial opening in Lucerna on Tuesday 16 June at 7pm. Lukáš Rumlena will moderate the evening.

  • We invite you to a secure virtual reality

    The BRAINZ VR CINEMA virtual cinema is also part of the special program of this year’s Days of European Film. On Saturday, after the screening of the music block of VR films, a discussion will take place in the Prague Cinema Kino Pilotů, which will be attended by, among others, drummer Tata Bojs Milan Cais. We would like to assure visitors that the cinema visit will be organized in accordance with hygienic rules so that everyone feels safe. After each use, the cinema staff will sterilize the virtual reality goggles in a UV sterilization box, which will destroy all bacteria and viruses in one minute. We believe that you will fully enjoy the film experience in virtual reality.

  • Lajka and her Pack

    On Saturday, June 20th at 5:00 pm in Prague cinema Kino Pilotů Austrian-German film you can see Space Dogs – a film that transcends genres. The friendship of two dogs on the streets of Moscow today is interwoven with unseen archival footage of Soviet space research. We realize the sacrifices Laika and her companions made on the altar of science and progress. But the film goes further, as it mixes past with present, the universe with the earth, and life with death. The film will be followed by a debate with the organization Hlas zvířat, which fights for animal rights, and if they are violated, these criminal disputes or other proceedings are conducted in the interest of rescuing animals and punishing perpetrators of their cruelty. In June, an amendment to the Criminal Code written by this organization enters into force in the Czech Republic, which regulates insufficient legislation in the field of animal protection and tightens penalties for cruelty to animals and the operation of breeding facilities. This organization has made significant efforts to approve it. More about the special event Lajka and her Pack.


    The European Film Days (DEF) will take place from 16th to 23th June. The main part of the DEF program will take place in Prague, Brno and, for the first time, also in Ostrava. Subsequently, DEF will move to another 6 cities as part of the festival echoes. DEFs focus exclusively on contemporary European film and in 2020 will present over 40 films from almost 30 European countries. The program does not profile according to specific countries, but DEF presents European film using themes and genres, and this year it will also focus on science fiction, horror, avant-garde or documentaries. In a total of 6 program sections, they will present award-winning animated films, films for younger audiences, families with children and films by old masters. This year’s accompanying program reflects current topics that will be debated with Czech ecologists, travelers, economists, musicians, lawyers and political scientists.  

  • Greek Debt Crisis with Tomáš Sedláček

    On Thursday, June 18, from 6 pm, the Greek debt crisis awaits us as part of the special event program of this year’s DEF. In the Big hall of the Lucerna cinema you will see a film by Oscar-winning director Costa Gavras Adults in the Room. What was the Greek debt crisis all about? The riveting film draws on the memories of Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, who stood up against the world’s financial institutions. The screening will be complemented by an economic and political debate with the well-known economist Tomáš Sedláček, who in the past was an adviser to President Václav Havel or the Minister of Finance and is the author of the publication Economics of Good and Evil, which has become a bestseller not only in our country.

  • 14 days to go!

    Pre-sale is running and life is returning to normal, come on. From 8.6. there can be 500 spectators in the cinema auditorium, and they can already sit next to each other as before the coronavirus epidemic, as we were used to. That means no gaps between the seats! We look forward to you.


    Days of European Film (DEF) will take place from 16 to 23 June. This means they will be the first film festival to be held in our cinemas after the loosening of governmental lockdown restrictions. As usual, the main part of the DEF programme will take place in Prague, Brno and, for the first time, in Ostrava. DEF will then move to another 6 towns in the Czech Republic in the form of Festival Echoes. DEF focuses exclusively on contemporary European cinema and will present 40 films from nearly 30 European countries in 2020. The programme is not oriented on specific countries – DEF presents European cinema based on topics and genres. Each programme section covers a broad range of topics, which is supposed to present European cinema as a living, surprising and, if possible, entertaining organism. In addition to the time-tested dramatic genres, this year’s edition of DEF will also focus on sci-fi, horrors, avant-garde and documentaries. It offers award-winning animated movies, films for families with children as well as films made by old masters. “I am happy that the audience is returning to cinemas today and I believe that the situation in our country will continue to develop


    27. Days of European Film will take place from 22 to 29 April 2020 in the Prague cinemas Lucerna, Světozor and Kino Pilotů. DEF will be in Brno from 23 to 26 April at cinemas Scala and Art. The main part of the DEF will also be held in Ostrava, in Minikino, from 24 to 26 April. The festival echoes will offer cinemas in Boskovice, Hradec Králové, Jablonec nad Nisou, Hodonín, Havířov and Červený Kostelec from 25 to 29 April. We look forward to seeing you in the cinema at the 27th DEF!

  • See you next year in the cinema

    26. DEF is over. Thank you very much to the audience. We look forward to seeing you in the cinema next year at the 27th DAYS OF THE EUROPEAN FILM!  

  • We are moving to the Echoes

    The festival is not over yet, we are just moving to other cities within Echoes. Havířov (15. 4. – 17. 4.), Hodonín (16.4. – 17. 4.), Boskovice (15. 4. – 16. 4.), Červený Kostelec (16. 4. a 18. 4.), Hradec Králové (15. 4. – 17. 4.), Jablonec nad Nisou (19. 4. – 21. 4.) We look forward to seeing you at the cinema 🙂

  • The last Prague screenings today

    Yesterday the premiere of the new Czech film Snowing! took place in cinema Lucerna. You can still see the film tonight in Prague’s cinema Kino Pilotů. FOTO: Jana Lábrová, 26. Dny evropského filmu    In Kino Pilotů, the documentary film King Skate, which recently won the prize Český lev, was yesterday screened with the participation of the creators.FOTO: Jana Lábrová, 26. Dny evropského filmu  FOTO: Jana Lábrová, 26. Dny evropského filmu    Today, the Prague part of the 26th DEF is closed, you can see seven more of the best in European films in Lucerna, Světozor and Kino Pilotů tonight.

  • Sněží! today in Lucerna

    Festival premiere of the new Czech film Snowing! with the participation of its creators willl held today at 6:30 PM in the Lucerna cinema in Prague. Hana Vagnerová, Petra Nesvačilová, Kristina Nedvědová and others of the film crew are looking forward to seeing you… You can see the film one day later at the cinema Kino Pilotů as well. trailer Sněží! from Frame Films on Vimeo.  

  • Saturday screenings with their directors

      On Saturday morning the families with children saw in Světozor cinema in Prague the film Wilder Than Wilderness, with the participation of its director Marián Polák. After the screening, a discussion with the director and a presentation of the non-profit organization Ekocentrum Koniklec took place. In the evening, in the cinema Lucerna in Prague, the audience saw an exclusive preview of the Latvian-Lithuanian-Czech film Bille which personally introduced the director Ināra Kolmane.

  • The year 1968 in Lucerna

    The screening of the Greek film 1968 at Lucerna on Friday 5. 4. was attended by the director and the film’s protagonists. FOTO: Jiří Vyskočil, 26. Dny evropského filmu


    26. DEF – the show of the best contemporary European films has been started on Thursday evening in Lucerna cinema in Prague by the French film Edmond. Till 11. 4. you can see our 45 films in Prague and Brno, then the festival in its echoes moves to other cities. FOTO: Jiří Vyskočil, 26. Dny evropského filmu

  • We are launching today!

    Today Days of European film start with a French film Edmond, directed by Alexis Michalik.   During the festival we are awaiting many guests:   Petra Nesvačilová, Hana Vagnerová and Kristina Nedvědová (Snowing!) Šimon Šafránek (King Skate) Marián Polák (Wilder Than Wilderness) Tomáš Bojar (Breaking News) Tassos Boulmetis (1968) Lucien Czuga and Félix Koch (Superchamp Returns) Ināra Kolmane (Bille) Irina Calado (Until Porn Do Us Part)

  • 26. DEF will be opened by the French drama Edmond

    Days of European Film have been offering the most interesting films of contemporary European cinema for 26 years. This year, the festival invites the audience to cinemas to watch 45 films from various parts of Europe. The films, divided into traditional as well as completely new programme sections, cover the themes of ordinary life: sports, Nature, eroticism and love, music, and freedom of choice. With their festival programming, DEF want to be more accommodating to the audience. The 26th annual edition of DEF will be opened by the French film Edmond, the first feature film by the director Alexis Michalik. Edmond is a splendid costume comedy-drama with a French charm, which tells the story of the poet and writer Edmond Rostand whose character is played by Thomas Solivérès. As a poor artist, he is given the chance of a lifetime to write a theatre play. The film about the creation of one of the most beautiful and most performed theatre plays, Cyrano de Bergerac, shows the source of Rostand’s inspiration in real life. Based on the film script, a theatre play was first created, which met with great success in France and received a number of theatre awards. Edmond is

  • 26. DEF 2019

    26. DEF will take place 4. – 21. 4. 2019. We look forward to seeing you in the cinema!

  • We’ve come to the finish!

    25. DEF is over. Thank you very much to the audience. We look forward to seeing you in the cinema next year at the 26th DAYS OF THE EUROPEAN FILM!  


    FRENCH MENU, NICK CAVE’S CONCERT AND MOVING TO OTHER CITIES DEF is enjoying great style with Prague audiences. First we offer a French menu for Rock’n Roll in MONO FONO Club from 7 pm. Other program offers a concert show of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in Světozor cinema at 8:30 pm. And we don’t finish yet… we only move to other cities: Hradec Králové (17. – 18. 4.), Červený Kostelec (17. – 19. 4.), Boskovice (17. – 19. 4.), Hodonín (17. – 19. 4.), Jablonec nad Nisou (17. – 22. 4.)


    A film Mary Shelley about the love between Percy Bysshe Shelley and young Mary, the future author of Frankenstein will today at 6:30 pm in Lucerna personally introduce one of the actors – Hugh O´Conor. We also offer today an Italian menu together with the film Perfect Strangers – at 7 pm in MONO FONO club.


    Cinema Cuisine showings in a special section called Film Flavour. The concept combines film screening with culinary experience. Opt for a three-course meal by Chef Filip Strnad you enjoy films in Prague’s exclusive MONO FONO club. The price of CZK 500 per person includes movie projection, dinner, wine and water.


    A film about the love between Percy Bysshe Shelley and young Mary, the future author of Frankenstein, you can see today at 8:30 pm in Světozor cinema in Prague. Passionately rebellious Mary Wollstonecraft finds a kindred spirit in poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. The stormy affair explodes into “decent” society which is outraged by their bohemian lifestyle. When tragedy strikes with the death of their newborn child, Mary, who is only eighteen, finds the strength to transform her suffering into the legendary work, Frankenstein… Elle Fanning and Maisie Williams and Hugh O´Conor shine in this all star cast. Hugh O´Conor will personally introduce the movie at next screening in Lucerna on Wednesday, 11th of April at 6:30 pm. Mary Shelley Ireland, United Kingdom, USA, 2017, 120 min., direction Haifaa Al Mansour, English with Czech subtitles   On Monday we have a special program for seniors as well – Italian road movie The Leisure Seeker with a lesson about Italian cinema. More HERE. The Leisure Seeker  Italy, 2017, 112 min., direction Paolo Virzì, English with English and Czech subtitles


    We invite you to the European House (Jungmannova 24, Praha 1) on Wednesday 11. 4. at 7 pm.  The screening of the film The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq is for free. Michel Houellebecq is a well-known literary provocateur, cynic and pessimist. For some, his books are mere dross, for others, they are biting satires beating at the discord and nihilism of modern society. In September of 2011, news came out that the author had been kidnapped. By whom and to what end it was not clear. Had the crime been planned, or had the author, himself, chosen to vanish? Even after reappearing, Houellebecq has never given a satisfactory explanation. The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq is an original reconstruction of events, a game with audiences and intentional provocation all rolled into one – not unlike his books – starring Michel Houellebecq.   An exhibition of festival posters entitled “25 YEARS WITH EUROPEAN FILM” is organized by the European House in Prague as well. If you have a walk along the Jungmannova street from March 7th to April 12th, you can enjoy the bold, funny poster designs inviting to the cinema.  


    A movie night full of passion which buzzes the blood and satisfies several senses at once. After the screening of the movie „La Chana“ you can enjoy the flamenco show (by Denisa Sofia Pavelová – dance, Morenito de Triana – guitar, vocals), taste the Spanish wine and dance at the wild latino party with DJ Tea Jay Ivo. 7. 4. 2018 7 pm, MONO FONO Praha, CZK 350    The ticket includes the screening of the movie, dance and music flamenco show, party with DJ, wine and water. 7. 4. 2018 9 pm MONO FONO Praha, CZK 250    The ticket includes the dance and music flamenco show, party with DJ, wine and water. La Chana Spain, 2016, 82 min., direction Lucia Stojević, Spanish with English and Czech subtitles The portrait of a woman who became the synonym for Flamenco. Antonia Santiago Amador, alias La Chana, is the manifestation of Flamenco. Though one of the most famous Flamenco dancers, she withdrew from the stage for mysterious reasons while at the height of he career. The power and energy that radiated from her as she danced was breathtaking. And when today La Chana takes to the stage, she still sparkles with energy throughout her performance. This film is about strength

  • 25th DEF has been started

    25. DEF – the show of the best contemporary European films has been started on Thursday evening in the Lucerna cinema in Prague by the Polish film Silent Night. Today the film delegation of the Danish film The Man introduce the movie in Kino Pilotů at 5:30 pm. In Lucerna at 6:30 pm you can meet actors of the movie Grandpa more dangerous than computer. From Friday till Sunday you can see our festival films also in Scala Brno.


    25. DEF will be launching today by the Polish film Silent Night of young debutant Piotr Domalewski who will arrive at the opening ceremony in Lucerna and then move to Světozor cinema, where he will introduce his picture in person from 8 pm. Last week this bestseller gained 10 prizes at Polish Film Awards 2018 (Orły) – for Best Film, Director, Sound, Screenplay, Cinematography, Actor, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Audience Award and a Discovery of Year.  


    The 25. DEF will start on Thursday 5th April and will host many guests. The young debutant, the award-winning director Piotr Domalewski, arrives on Thursday 5th at the opening ceremony for the film Silent Night to Světozor at 8 pm. Other guests of the 25. DEF: Alise Polačenko and Mārtiņš Vilsons: Grandpa more dangerous than computer – 6th April at 6:30 pm in Lucerna Kristína Hejduková: The Man – 6th April at 5:30 in Kino Pilotů Jiří Lábus: Inscects – 8th April at 7:45pm in Lucerna Tereza Nvotová: Filthy – 10th April at 5:30 in Kino Pilotů Hugh O’Conor: Mary Shelley – 11th April at 6:30pm in Lucerna    

  • 25th DEF will be open by the Polish film Silent night

    On Tuesday 27th March, a press conference of the 25th Days of European Film was held in the Nostic Palace at the Ministry of Culture. This year’s presentation was presented in detail by Andrea Matušáková from the European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic, the director of the Polish Institute Maciej Ruczaj, the director of the New Cinema 2018 and 2019 project Petr Vítek and, above all, the dramaturge Zdeněk Blaha. 25. DEF will kick off next Thursday, April 5, by the Polish film Silent Night, which is the exciting debut of young director Piotr Domalewski on one unforgettable Christmas night…

  • 25. DEF 2018

    PRAGUE 5. – 12. 4. 2018 BRNO 6 – 8. 4. 2018 ECHOES OF DEF 17. – 22. 4. 2018

  • From Brno to the Echoes

    On Sunday the cinema Scala in Brno offers a Spanish film Truman about the power of friendship and helping your neighbor and an Italian drama Sweet Dreams about a son’s relationship to his mother. On Monday you can see an Austrian documentary Safari or a German film The People vs. Fritz Bauer – the story of the man who hunted down Adolf Eichmann and brought him to justice. On Tuesday the festival moves to the echoes of DEF – to Boskovice, Semily, Jablonec nad Nisou and Hodonín.

  • Enjoy French tastes with The Red Turtle

    On Saturday 15. 4. at 7 pm you can enjoy the animated film The Red Turtle with the sweet French menu. The three-course menu will be prepared by Mohammed Saouchi, aka „Momo“,  the chef of the French bistro Café 35. FRENCH MENU Salade piemontaise et rocket (Salad piemontaise with arugula) Couscous au poulet (Chicken couscous) Gateau de carottes au caramel (Carrot cake with caramel)

  • DEF move to Brno

    Today you have the last chance to visit the festival DEF in Prague. You can see for example films I, Daniel Blake, After Love, The Survivors or As I Open My Eyes. The special screening of Like Crazy  in Kino Royal brings a colorful Italian menu. In Kino Pilotů will director Farid Eslam personally introduce the document Yallah! Underground. On Friday the festival moves to Brno.  

  • Like Crazy brings a colorful Italian menu

    On Thursday 13. 4. in the unique enviroment of cinema Royal, the viewers can enjoy a film while indulging in a culinary experience in a so-called pop up restaurant. The menu will reflect a movie topic, territory or environment, and will be accompanied by the film Like Crazy. The price of CZK 500 per person includes a delicious three-course menu, wine, water and wonderful film. The unique experience of cinema cuisine will be brought to you by the Italian chef Alex Facchin. ITALIAN MENU Starter: Italian piadina with three kinds of fillings Main Course: Lasagne with salmon and spinach, Spezzatino veal with potatoes, Gnocchi with tomato sauce and mozzarella Dessert: strawberry pannacotta

  • Premiere of the Romanian film Graduation on DEF

    Graduation – a drama about compromises, personal morality and the essence of parenthood goes to the Czech cinemas on Thursday, 13. 4. You can see the movie already at the 24 DEF on Thuesday 11. 4. at 8 pm in Prague cinema Světozor.  

  • Do you like raw meat? Go to the cinema

    You can watch the French film Raw two ways, says the film critic Kamil Fila. His video invitation you can find here: Raw je horor, který zvedá žaludek a bránici smíchem zároveň. The very raw horror had its premiere in the Czech Republic last week and you can see it on the 24. DEF too. The screenings are held on Monday 10. 4. 20:45 in Prague cinema Světozor and on Wednesday 12. 4. 20:00 in Prague cinema Kino Pilotů.

  • Additional screening of Smoke & Mirrors

    One screening of  the Spanish film Smoke & Mirrors was added. The opening movie of 24. DEF you can see on Wednesday, 12. 4., 19:10 in Kino Pilotů, Prague.

  • Animation workshops already on Monday!

    On Monday we are looking forward to the new special event of the 24. DEF – the animation workshops. SONG OF THE SEA, Mon 10. 4. 2017 , 9 am, Kino Pilotů, Entry: 60 CZK Director: Tomm Moore | Ireland, 2014 | 93 min. | Czech dabing THE RED TURTLE, mo 10. 4. 2017 1:30pm, Lucerna, Entry: 110 CZK, Discount for seniors: 55 CZK. director: Michaël Dudok de Wit | France, 2016 | 80 minutes | no dialog After the screening follows an animation workshop for adults (and children). Animation is as old as mankind itself. Even prehistoric people tried to paint the walls of their caves, capturing the movement od a mammoth by drawing it with eight feet.  How does animation actually work? Can we make our own moving pictures at home? What would we need to do so? All these questions will be answered by experts from training and talent platform Free Cinema.

  • Premiéru Sibiřského deníku uvede osobně jeho režisér

    Premiere of the film The Chronicles of Melanie will today personally introduce his director Viesturs Kairišs together with the Czech producer Juliette Sichel. The film is based on the life of Melānija Vanaga who survived 16 years of exile in Siberia where she was deported by the Soviets in 1941, along with 17 000 other people. The co-production of Latvia, Czech Republic and Finlad will be later in the Czech distribution by Bontonfilm. Saturday, 8.4., 8:30 pm / Lucerna, Big Hall  

  • Günter Baby Sommer live today

    Don’t miss the film Als Mensch ein Solist joined with a concert by legendary jazz musician Günter Baby Sommer. The price CZK 300 includes the screening about a legendary jazzman G. B. Sommer, his concert, wine and water.

  • You can win in a Greek lottery!

    Today at 8 pm in Kino Pilotů you can see the Greek film Chevalier which got many festival prizes. Ticket holders will have the right to participate in a lottery with Greek taste which will take place after the screening!

  • 24. DEF has been started

    24. DEF – the show of the best contemporary European films has been started on Thursday evening in the Lucerna cinema in Prague by the Spanish spy thriller Smoke & Mirrors. In the coming days we have a rich program. On Friday, 7. 4. we can see an Italian documentary Five wor(L)ds in Kino Pilotů, at 6 pm personally introduced by the director Giancarlo Soldi. At 8:30 pm the Slovak director Iveta Grófová and the composer Matěj Hlaváč will present the Czech-Slovak film Little Harbour in the Cinema Světozor in Prague. We are looking forward to you! More photos from the opening in Lucerna you can find HERE.


    The biggest corruption affair of 90s today in Lucerna cinema The festival will be opened by the Spanish film Smoke & Mirrors by the director Alberto Rodríguez on 6 April. Bribes, star witnesses, secret services and billions in foreign accounts – the largest Spanish corruption scandal of the 1990s and the story of a man who deceived the entire Spain. This suspenseful spy film received a number of awards, including the Silver Shell at the San Sebastián Film Festival for the best acting performance in a leading role for Eduard Fernández and the Feroz Zinemaldia Award for the best film. The Goya Award for the best adapted screenplay should also be mentioned. The producer Francisco Javier Ramos Quiñones will arrive to personally present the film at the opening. He produced the successful and acclaimed film El Método by Marcelo Piñeyra and is now preparing a film by Mateo Gila, the author of screenplays for films such as Vanilla Sky, The Sea Inside, Open Your Eyes or Agora.


    The press conference of 24. DEF is over The press conference, held on Monday, April 3, 2017 in Nostitz Palace, the Ministry of Culture, presented in detail to all the journalists the news of 24. DEF. Speakers were Julietta Sichel – the producer of the films The Chronicles of Melanie and Ministry of Love, Magdaléna Frouzová – spokesperson of the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic and Zdeněk Blaha – DEF dramaturg, who spoked mainly about the program sections. For the first time we heard the guests’ names of the film festival. The opening film Smoke and Mirrors will be introduced by producer Francisco Javier Ramos Quiñones. It is worth to mention three films made within the Czech minority co-productions. DEF offer the movie The Chronicles of Melanie by screenwriter and director Viesturs Kairiss, who will be together with Czech producer Juliette Sichel one of the guests of the festival. The second film is Ministry of Love directed by Pavo Marinkovic. Together with him actor Slobodan Milovanović and sound engineers Ludvik Bohadlo and Jan Paul visit personally the festival. The third film Little Harbour will be introduced by the director Iveta Grófová and the composer Matěj Hlaváč. The movie won the Crystal Bear on Berlinale, an award by a children jury in the section


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