Days of European Film (DEF) will take place from 16 to 23 June. This means they will be the first film festival to be held in our cinemas after the loosening of governmental lockdown restrictions. As usual, the main part of the DEF programme will take place in Prague, Brno and, for the first time, in Ostrava. DEF will then move to another 6 towns in the Czech Republic in the form of Festival Echoes.

DEF focuses exclusively on contemporary European cinema and will present 40 films from nearly 30 European countries in 2020. The programme is not oriented on specific countries – DEF presents European cinema based on topics and genres. Each programme section covers a broad range of topics, which is supposed to present European cinema as a living, surprising and, if possible, entertaining organism. In addition to the time-tested dramatic genres, this year’s edition of DEF will also focus on sci-fi, horrors, avant-garde and documentaries. It offers award-winning animated movies, films for families with children as well as films made by old masters.

“I am happy that the audience is returning to cinemas today and I believe that the situation in our country will continue to develop as favourably as it has up until now. I am looking forward to the lockdown restrictions being loosened even more, which will hopefully allow us to carry out a nearly full-fledged annual edition of the festival in the second half of June. We will invite foreign guests to participate in discussions at least virtually, and besides that, we have prepared topic-specific debates with Czech environmentalists, travellers, economists, musicians, comedians, journalists and political scientists that will be held after screenings,” says Barbora Golatová, the Festival Director.


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