TX Reverse VR

  • TX Reverse VR
  • Section: Fears and Dreams
  • Austria
  • 2019 / 5 min
  • Director: Virgil Widrich, Martin Reinhart
  • English version

Contact: Lemonade Films

What if the forces of imagination detached from the movie screen and entered the real world?

Director Martin Reinhart developed a technology in the 1990s called “tx-transform” that swaps the time T-axis in a film with a space X-axis. Each film frame takes up all the space – but only 1/24 of a second. In a tx-transformed film, on the other hand, one frame takes up a small portion of the space but remains there for the duration of the frame. In this way, tx-reverse offers an extraordinary experience in which the familiar order of space and time do not apply.



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